CV:Ryōta Ōsaka


Gender: male
Occupation:New World No.3 High School Student
Intelligence 1Poses as a deep thinker, but mostly just meditates on early hair loss.
Intelligence 2A vegetarian chef extraordinaire, but will also make Sukiyaki for Greedy Cane.

Good Homie

Get Lost

Protect Me

Mad Nagging

[[[Cicada]]] and his cudgel form a duet. [[[Cicada]]]'s skills will change depending on the cudgel's position. The cudgel can also perform normal attacks when it is away from [[[Cicada]]]. When the cudgel , [[[Cicada]]] gains extra Phy. DEF and Spell DEF. When it is , he gains extra Phy. ATK and SP. This bonus increases as [[[Cicada]]]'s level increases. When he hits the same Hero with skill 1 and 2 consecutively, the damage will increase, up to an additional 25%.

[[[Cicada]]] hurls his cudgel to a designated area, dealing {lv1} to enemies on the path.

[[[Cicada]]] summons his cudgel to protect himself and create a shield that lasts 3s. If the cudgel , it will fly back to him and deal {lv2} to enemies on the path. Hitting an enemy will reduce the CD of "Get Lost" by 1s; if the cudgel , it will deal {lv3} to surrounding enemies.

If [[[Big Mouth]]] is , it will start to "Mad Nagging" to the enemies in a frontal sector and cause {lv1} while knocking them back. If [[[Big Mouth]]] is , [[[Cicada]]] will leap to its position, bashes it and deal {lv2} to surrounding enemies.