CV:Aki Toyosaki

Wow, little sister, little sister ~

Gender: male
Occupation:Private Mercenary
Intelligence 1A not-so-sharp sharpshooter. Deeply fond of the ladies.
Intelligence 2Has a secret identity as a columnist for a women's magazine.

Big Ears

Jumping Around

Big Eyes

Gentleman Strike

[[[Rocket]]] will scan periodically to expose units nearby (including invisible units). If [[[Rocket]]] in his melee range, he will gain a 25% Crit Damage Bonus.

[[[Farsight]]] lifts [[[Rocket]]] into the air, becomes for a short period and falls down after 1s to slow enemies within the area, dealing {lv2}() . If this skilled is triggered again within 1s, it will fall toward the direction selected.

[[[Farsight]]] launches a decoy to the target and light up its location for 4s. Enemies under the spotlight will take additional {lv1} area from [[[Farsight]]]'s normal attacks. [[[Farsight]]] gains one decoy every 24s and can store up to 3 decoys

After aiming for a short time, [[[Farsight]]] will use all the power to launch a gigantic missile, hitting one enemy Hero for ({lv1})*(2+) . (, the range of the missile will increase).