CV:Yoshiki Nakajima

MVP-level, big-shot lawyer. Only 4 easy payments of $19.95.

Gender: male
Occupation:Director of the law firm
Intelligence 1Big Tiger Law Firm is actually just one guy, the director.
Intelligence 2He's got the gift of gab but can't land clients for some reason and is hard up for money.

Silence Please


The King

Secret Chamber

[[[Harvey]]] will throw a law book toward the target every 12s, slowing and silencing the unit. The book will deal additional equal to . The Slow Effect increases as [[[Harvey]]]'s level increases. (Will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)

[[[Harvey]]] prepares for his objection up to 1.6s. He will deal {lv2} to {lv3} to the front and slow the targets hit. If , the enemies hit will also be stunned. During the objection process, [[[Harvey]]]

[[[Harvey]]] ignores enemies, dealing {lv1} to nearby enemies. After hitting an enemy Hero, he will gain a Mighty Shield that absorbs {lv2}+Max HP(6%*No. of Heroes hit) damage for 5s. Also gains 10% Move Speed Bonus and reduces the CD of by seconds

[[[Harvey]]] jumps to a defendant in the distance. When he lands, he will summon a and deal {lv1} to surrounding units. This skill can be re-activated and cast again within 4s. <"Prison Cell"> .