CV:Uchida Yuuma

Heh heh heh! You're all my guinea pigs!

Gender: male
Intelligence 1Director of Little Red Umbrella Chemistry Institute
Intelligence 2Often poisoned by his own concoctions, and still never grows tired of it.

Mad Scientist


Deadly Venom

Hydra Frenzy

[[[Osgood]]]'s normal attacks will inflict poison on enemies (max 6 stacks), but his normal attacks only deal 80% of damage. When [[[Osgood]]] scores a kill/assist, he will become frenzied and get 2/1 stacks of "Mad Scientist" effect (max 10 stacks, he will lose half of the stacks when killed). Each stack will increase 4 ATK and 3% ATK Speed for him.

[[[Osgood]]] shifts over a distance toward the target direction. His next normal attack becomes enhanced. Enhanced normal attacks will apply 2 stacks of Venom on targets hit and reduce their Move Speed by 40%. This effect lasts 2s and will diminish quickly over 2s.

[[[Osgood]]]'s core damage output skill. [[[Osgood]]] in an area immediately. Enemies will take higher damage if they are inflicted with more stacks of poison. Enemies affected by full poison will take extra equal to . [[[Osgood]]] . If Deadly Venom has killed a unit, its CD will be reset. (The damage to jungle mobs is up to 200% Phy. Bonus)

[[[Osgood]]] summons all the hydra to bombard the target area, dealing {lv1} and applying one stack of poison each time. The bombarding frequency increases as [[[Osgood]]]'s ATK Speed increases. Tap the skill to enter the bombard mode, then tap and hold it again to aim and attack the target area. Lifting the skill button will pause the attack. The bombard mode will last 5s. Under the Frenzy state, he can cast Deadly Venom and Snakeskin. Casting Deadly Venom will end the Frenzy state.