CV:Uesaka Sumire

Where-oh-where is my next toy?

Gender: male
Occupation:New World No.3 High School Student
Intelligence 1A
Intelligence 2Her true identity apparently is a Yama of the 5th level of hell.

Scythe Slash

Soul Slash

Ruthless Vortex

Soul Harvest

[[[Hadenna]]]'s soul spirit wields a giant scythe and has 20% more attack range than other Melee Heroes. Its 3rd attack will apply "" effect on enemies

[[[Hadenna]]] and her soul spirit charge toward a selected direction. The soul spirit's giant scythe will hook enemies on the path and damage them for {lv1} at the end, knocking them away while applying "" effect on them

[[[Hadenna]]]'s soul spirit whirls the giant scythe around, dealing {lv1} to surrounding enemies. Enemies hit by the edge of scythe will take {lv2} , be slowed and influenced by "" effect

[[[Hadenna]]]'s soul spirit howls fiercely and harvests the souls of nearby enemies. She will detonate the "" effects on surrounding enemies within a large area, cause 200 and heal herself for {lv2} . If she hits a target affected by "", she will recover a further {lv1} .