CV:Saitou Chiwa

Practice makes perfect!

Gender: male
Occupation:New World No.3 High School Student
Intelligence 1A hard-working, boisterous fox with a bushy tail.
Intelligence 2The sight of tamagoyaki and fried tofu will stop her in her tracks.

Fox Claw

Fox Fist

Butterfly Drop

Fox Smash

After [[[Tamago]]] casts a skill, her next normal attack within 4s will deal extra 50 . This damage increases with Hero Level.

[[[Tamago]]] summons a fox spirit to attack the enemy in front for {lv1} . This skill can benefit from Crit Bonus and its CD will reduce by 1s each time she hits an enemy with normal attacks. When this skill hits an enemy Hero, she will gain a shield that absorbs (100+10*Hero Lv+4% of Max HP) damage.

[[[Tamago]]] charges up and leaps to the target's position, dealing {lv1} and knocking enemies away. The damage and range of this skill will increase as she charges up longer.

[[[Tamago]]] selects a target, charges toward it and bashes it. The target will be knocked away, take {lv1} and lose {lv3}% Phy. DEF for 6s.