CV:Satou Rina

I see not the future, but rather consequences.

Gender: female
Occupation:Student of Meta World Peace High School
Intelligence 1A girl with a magic eye that can see the future.
Intelligence 2Likes creatures that she can't see through, like small animals.


Mad Gaze

Imaginary Move

Abyss Pact

[[[Dodo]]] is able to see through the mind. Each time [[[Dodo]]] has used 4 normal attacks, she will enter a state and her next normal attack will deal extra 250+20*Hero Lv and can influence all units behind the target. (The enhanced normal attack will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)

[[[Dodo]]] commands the big eye underneath to shoot a beam forward. The beam has a 0.6s charge-up time and will deal {lv1} to enemies in a line, slow them by 20% for 3s.

[[[Dodo]]] moves within vision, instantly dashes toward the target's direction and gains "Foresight". Can be cast while skill 1 is charging.

[[[Dodo]]] channels her energy to deal {lv1} to the target area. After a 0.5s delay, she will create an "Absolute Field" at the target area. Enemies in contact with the border of this field will take the damage again and be stunned for 1s.