CV:Koyasu Takehito

The embodiment of justice, on patrol!

Gender: male
Occupation:Security defending minister
Intelligence 1Always carries with him his law enforcement recording device (selfie-drone).
Intelligence 2His dog is great at photo-bombing his master's selfies.

Execution Target

Bite Him!

Judgement Sprint

Full Scan

[[[Jiro]]]'s Sky Eye Camera will scan nearby mobs and Heroes periodically and mark them as his Execution Target. When [[[Jiro]]]'s skills hit a target, they will deal extra (90+10*Hero Lv) . The Execution Target will refresh once every 5s.

[[[Jiro]]] summons a holographic dog to pounce on the enemy, dealing {lv1} and it by 20% for 1.5s. The "Execution Target" mark on the enemy will be refreshed immediately. If this skill hits an "Execution Target", the enemy will be more.

[[[Jiro]]] immediately charges toward the target over a distance, dealing {lv1} . The CD of Judgement Sprint will be reset if it hits an Execution Target.

[[[Jiro]]] activates the Full Scan for 8s. When activated, all enemies within 40 yards will be marked as Execution Targets. While this effect is active, [[[Jiro]]] takes {lv1}% less damage from enemies further than 25 yards away.