CV:Asumi Kana

There's no system I can't hack...

Gender: female
Occupation:Genius hacker
Intelligence 1Knows she's a character in a game and calmly accepts this fact.
Intelligence 2Believes that one should eat puffy food when coding.


Consecutive Packets

Step Transfer

LAN Alert

"[[[Coderella]]]'s skills will apply Hacking Progress on targets. When Hacking Progress reaches 100%, she will launch an attack to deal 180 in an area and heal [[[Coderella]]] by 100 HP. After casting a skill, the next normal attack will be enhanced, dealing and increasing Hacking Progress by 20%. (The enhanced normal attack will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)"

[[[Coderella]]] splits the arrow into 3 and throws them off. Each arrow hit will deal {lv1} and increase 20% of Hacking Progess on the target. If multiple arrows hit the same target, the subsequent arrows will only deal 50% damage. Her Move Speed will increase for 2s if the arrows hit a Hero. This skill can be cast while moving. (Mobs take reduced damage)

[[[Coderella]]] teleports a short distance toward a direction and throws Error Messages to up to 5 enemies around the landing position (Heroes will be targeted first), dealing {lv1} and slowing them by 90% for 1s (diminishing over time). She will also gain 20% of Hacking Progess. This skill will not interrupt other skills.

After a short lag, [[[Coderella]]] distributes bugs in a large area. Enemies affected by bug in front of [[[Coderella]]] will be hacked every 0.35s, taking {lv1} and increasing the Hacking Progress by 10%. [[[Coderella]]] can move freely (cast skills or attack) while casting this skill.