CV:Miki Shin-ichiro

A dragon has teeth so it can live.

Gender: male
Occupation:ReV creator
Intelligence 1This team leader is learned, refined, gentle, and also good at understanding people.
Intelligence 2He's warm, but not really someone you'd wanna get close to.

Dragon Strike


Head Hunting

Abyssal Circle

When Viru damages the same enemy twice within a short time, "Natrix" will attack the same target and deal (up to 300 damage on jungle mobs) and slow it by 40% for 1s. Also recovers 3% of Max HP. This effect has a CD of 6s. If it hits an enemy when not under the effect of "Inferno", the CD of "Stealth" will decrease by 4s.

Viru steps into a stealth that lasts a max of 1s. During stealth, Viru will gain {lv1}% Move Speed. He cannot be selected while this skill is active. The CD of Dragon Strike will be reset when he leaves stealth.

Deals {lv1} to the target and nearby units. Deals 50% more damage to mobs and leaves a mark on the main target.

Viru summons an inferno at target area. Enemy units in the inferno will be slowed by {lv1}% and take 20% more damage. .