Endorsement cat

release time : 2019-07-22

Check it out everyone! Do you have a cat

We are recruiting a cat as a spokescat now‼

If you have a lovely cat, show it or dress it up to become our Brand Spokescat!‼Student of Top 1 cat can win Minnie-Bright Yellow, 666 Gem

Event Time: From now on until July 12 

Time exceeded works will not be accepted.

How to join in

1 Take photos or videos of your cat.

2 Send your work to the event email: eo.activity@gmail.com, please name your email subject as [spokescatevent] and your name.

3 Post about the cat and #ExtraordinaryOnes #Cat on your facebook.

4 20 outstanding works will be picked out and joined in the second round competition by Academia Judge Team. 

5 All of you can vote for the cat you like on the Spokescat event site. The TOP 1 cat will become our Brand Spokescat.

About the reward! 

Student of Top 1 cat can win: Minnie-Bright Yellow,666 Gem

Student of Top 2-Top 5 cat can win: Minnie-Bright Yellow

All the students enter the second round will get: 200 Gem

All the joiners will get: 66 Gem

More surprise limited rewards are also waiting!

We will send rewards code to your email after OBT!


1 Please provide your name and frequently-used email to make sure you can receive the gift code reward correctly in the future.

2 Please provide the cat is real and domesticated. This cat can cooperate with us in a series of activities.

3 Activity awards are based on the highest awards. No other competition awards.

4 No copy, No violence and sex content. Otherwise, you will be forever banned from the official event!