CV:Terashima Takuma

Want an autograph from a big star?

Gender: male
Intelligence 1A narcissistic, mirror-loving pop star with incredibly bad taste.
Intelligence 2Wherever he goes, he strikes a pose.

Big Ego

Fancy Steps

Sonic Barrier

My Solo Stage

MJ's extreme narcissism will make him puffed up. , he will unleash a Puff Attack to knock enemies away and deal equal to .

MJ dashes forward with fancy steps, dealing {lv1} to enemies in front

MJ creates a Sonic Barrier with his voice. The barrier can and explode immediately after blocking, dealing {lv1} to nearby enemies. Blocking an enemy's attack successfully will reduce the CD of Fancy Steps by 3s; if the Sonic Barrier does not receive any attack after 1.5s, it will also explode, dealing {lv2} . Passive: MJ's obsession with music allows him to reduce the CD of Sonic Barrier by 1s each time his normal attack hits a target.

MJ establishes a long stage to the front and slides forward. . The stage will slow any enemies in it by 30%; when MJ jumps off the stage, he can cause {lv1} to surrounding enemies and knock them away for a short time.