Alpha White


CV:Ogura Yui

Got something to say? Talk to my sword!

Gender: female
Occupation:New World No.3 High School Student
Intelligence 1A kendo maiden with an enormous ego.
Intelligence 2Calmly accepts when people call her

Sword Spirit

Quick-draw Wind

Sword Shadow

Triple Graduation

[[[白骨精]]]'s "Sword Shadow" and "Triple Graduation" will deal (40+5*Hero Lv+25% Phy. Bonus) to targets marked by Sword Spirit. When [[[白骨精]]] scores a kill or assist, she will gain a 50% Move Speed Bonus that diminishes over 5s.

[[[白骨精]]] puts her hand on the hilt to prepare for up to 2.5s. During the preparation, she moves 20% faster. After charging up, she will unleash the sword toward the direction selected and cause {lv1} to enemies and apply "Sword Spirit" on them. This damage increases as she charges longer (up to 200% after she has charged for at least 1s). This skill will enter a 3s CD if canceled.

[[[白骨精]]] moves swiftly toward the selected direction and slashes with her blade, dealing {lv1} to enemies on the path. Enemies under the effect of "Sword Spirit" will be stunned for a short time and trigger passive damage when hit.

[[[白骨精]]] charges toward a direction and uses "Graduation Slash" to deal {lv1} . Enemies affected with "Sword Spirit" will take extra damage. Two sidekicks will then appear to deal {lv2} in [[[白骨精]]]. equal to .