CV:Sendai Eri

Lightning girl making her flashy debut!

Gender: male
Occupation:New World No.3 High School Student
Intelligence 1A clever yet confused girl with a big brother obsession, and a gaming pro.
Intelligence 2A night owl who has 108 ways to avoid getting out of bed.


Flying Lightning God

Lightning Teleport

Trinity Strike

[[[Rem]]]'s strikes can paralyze enemies. She can stun an enemy for 1s if her skills have damaged this enemy for three times within a short period.

[[[Rem]]] throws her dagger to a selected position, dealing {lv1} to enemies. The dagger will stay there for 4s. Meanwhile, [[[Rem]]] can cast this skill again to and deal the damage again. If both hits have landed on the same target, it will take .

Teleports to the location of the dagger and damages all nearby enemies by {lv1} .

[[[Rem]]] attacks enemies with her dagger. Two decoys will also appear to attack random enemies nearby, dealing {lv1} . If there is only one enemy nearby, all decoys will attack the same enemy. If , she will deal additional damage equal to 6% of Max HP.