CV:Matsuoka Yoshitsug

Hey, that's against the rules! Copy the student handbook five times!

Gender: male
Occupation:Student of Meta World Peace High School
Intelligence 1A sloppily dressed hall monitor in charge of policing the school.
Intelligence 2He's a little heavy, mostly due to that set of wings.

Blood Lance

Fan of Feathers

Wing Dash

Death from Above

Each enemy Hero hit by [[[Garuda]]]'s skills will reduce the CD of all skills by 2s. After he leaves the combat, he will recover 1.5% of Max Mana every second. As the discipline master, he has supremacy over non-star units and his skills will deal 20% more damage to them.

[[[Garuda]]] shoots out feathers, dealing {lv1} to enemies nearby and slowing them by 20% for 3s

[[[Garuda]]] shifts forward and deals {lv1} to enemies on the path. Enemies with lower HP will take more damage (maximum 200%). The CD of this skill will reset if an enemy unit or jungle mob is killed.

[[[Garuda]]] leaps into the air. Casting this skill again will make [[[Garuda]]] attack the selected area, dealing {lv1} to enemies and knocking them away. [[[Garuda]]] can stay in the air for 3s. During this time, he .