CV:Nabatame Hitomi

This year, fixed assets are still the most reliable.

Gender: male
Occupation:Investment company chairman
Intelligence 1The CEO of an investment firm obsessed with hoarding real estate and gold.
Intelligence 2[[[Ginny]]]'s mother, and the only person that [[[Ginny]]] and [[[Taurell]]] fear.

Keep Smiling

Fan the Flames

Flaming Tornado


50% chance to trigger "Keep Smiling" upon taking damage, increases DEF by 20% for 2s. This effect has a CD of 6s. [[[Maddie]]]'s normal attacks and skill 1 will apply "Seed of Fire" effect on enemies up to 4 stacks. Enemies under "Seed of Fire" will take continuous Phy. Damage. This effect is boosted by extra Phy. ATK Bonus.

[[[Maddie]]] charges toward a selected direction and swings her fan horizontally in a sector, dealing {lv1} and knocking enemies back. Also applies a stack of "Seed of Fire" (lasts 2s) on enemies and reduces the CD of [[[Flaming Tornado]]] by 3s. Her next normal attack will charge to the target and deal 50 .

Ignites herself and creates a bursting fire circle on the ground, dealing {lv1} . Each enemy unit hit will increase [[[Maddie]]]'s ATK by 5% for 3s (up to 20%) and heal [[[Maddie]]] for 100 . This healing will increase when she hits more enemies, up to 250 HP. Enemies hit will be slowed by 20% and their DEF will be reduced by 10%.

This skill has two stages. Casting the skill the 1st time: Enters an "Open Fire" mode, increases ATK by for 6s. Casting it the 2nd time: Swings her fan to the selected sector area to throw enemies into the sky, dealing {lv1} .