CV:Tomita Miyu

You're gonna havta pull yourselves up by your bootstraps...

Gender: female
Occupation:Head of the Heavenly Wishing Agency
Intelligence 1As the head of the Prayers, she has to listen to all of the three worlds' complaints and wishes.
Intelligence 2Due to a constant backlog of prayers and no time to rest, [[[Mercy]]]'s spirit has gradually faded.

Power of the People

Random Palm

All Hail Buddha

Lotus Shine

[[[Mercy]]] can improve her skill effects (to a maximum of 5 stacks) based on the number of nearby ally Heroes (including [[[Mercy]]] herself)

Shoots a palm forward and damages enemies for {lv1} . The palm will return after reaching the end and deal the same damage again to enemies hit. If an enemy is damaged twice, it will be stunned for (0.8+0.1*(No. of Nearby Ally Heroes))s

[[[Mercy]]]'s next normal attack becomes enhanced, deals extra and protects all nearby ally Heroes with Buddha, reducing their damage taken by 35% for 3.5s. . (The enhanced normal attack will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)

After a short delay, [[[Mercy]]] will heal ally Heroes within the range for {lv1}+{lv2}* , and deal {lv3}+ . This skill can contribute to skill 1's stun effect.