CV:Shimono Hiro

Do not call me a kid!

Gender: male
Occupation:Famous Rich kids of the Esper City
Intelligence 1A naughty troublemaker who loves practical jokes and laughing at the expense of others.
Intelligence 2His prank chest is packed with strange and wondrous items.


Fist Trap

Explosive Color Mine

Gravity Bomb

[[[Lokey]]]'s skills will reduce the enemies' Defense for a while when they hit them. This effect can stack 3 times and will reduce Phy. and Spell Defense by 4/8/12, and a further 4 for every 4 more Hero Levels.

Places a Fist Trap on the ground that triggers immediately when enemy units get close. When triggered, knocks enemies within the range away and deals {lv1} . A max of 5 Fist Traps can exist at the same time.

Places a mine that explodes 0.3s after enemies step on it. The explosion causes {lv1} . Multiple mines can be placed again within the area of a mine already deployed. Enemies attacked by mines will be dyed with colors and become visible for a while. The mines will not expire, but only up to 5 mines can be deployed at the same time. Old mines will automatically be destroyed when new mines are deployed. Mines will deal extra damage to turrets. [[[Lokey]]] can store 1 mine every 6s.

[[[Lokey]]] places a Gravity Bomb at the target location. After a 1s delay, it will pull all enemies toward the center and deal {lv1} .