CV:Nomizu Iori

If only it wasn't raining...

Gender: female
Occupation:Disaster Relief Staff
Intelligence 1Hates her rain-summoning ability and has to wear a rain jacket year-round.
Intelligence 2Likes to chase after sunshine with her


Rain Doll

Thunder Doll


[[[Sprinkles]]] increases and of nearby ally Heroes by 20. Each scored will increase this value by 2.

[[[Sprinkles]]] throws a Rain Doll to one nearby ally Hero and herself (if no ally Hero is nearby, the doll will be thrown on herself only). The Rain Doll will follow the Hero and summon a rain around it, dealing {lv1} to enemies within the range every 0.6s. Ally Heroes with the Rain Doll will recover {lv2}% Mana per second during the possession.

[[[Sprinkles]]] throws a Thunder Doll to the selected direction, dealing {lv1} to enemies on the path. The doll will stop after hitting an enemy Hero and will create a Thunder Mark that lasts 4s on the Hero hit. Heroes with the Mark will attract a thunder strike when damaged by [[[Sprinkles]]]'s other skills. The thunder strike will deal {lv2} to enemies within the range, stun them for 0.5s and slow them by 60% for the next 1.5s.

[[[Sprinkles]]] throws dolls to the front. Dolls will explode when this skill is cast again or when they reach the max distance, dealing {lv1} and creating a Downpour that lasts 5s. Enemy units within the area will take {lv2} and lose {lv3} and every 0.5s. The DEF reduction effect can stack up to 5 times and last 5s.